Poker Online Indonesia

Poker Online Indonesia

Keeping Your Head Playing Poker Online

     Playing online poker is very different compared to playing at you home game or land-based casino. When you can identify the changes you need to make early on, you can get a jump on weaker players and start building your bankroll steadily. Pay close attention to these changes and then focus on making them stick. 

Eliminate the need to be posting on the chat feature at the online poker tables. This is the place where all the weak players are going to be whining about bad beats, complaining about poor hands, and spilling their guts about their hands. Keep your information as concealed as possible so no other players can figure out your next move. 

Resist the urge to be flashing your hole cards to the rest of the table after you pull off a bluff or you are folding a really big hand. Again, this is just another way you are giving away free information that will eventually come back to bite you in the end. 

Look at the table amount you play compared to the size of your bankroll. Chances are you are a few bad beats away from going broke. Drop to a lower limit table so that you can sustain losses and ride out cold streaks.  

Pay attention to how you play each hand. If you are betting the same way in certain situations, you have to focus on mixing up your play. Bet and raise differently for a while to throw off the dogs. 

Take your time as you go through this list and as you master one change then you can start working on the next. This is a marathon, so don't feel you have to rush through these steps because you are going to see improvement soon after you make your first change.

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